History of The Quarter Horse

Ameriacn Quarter Horse.

DSC02504 History of The Quarter Horse

The moment the New World colonist hit the shore their families, their businesses and their horses came with them. Very complete horse breeding records were kept and many of the first horse accounts are part of our American history. Tracing the foundation quarter horses back to their beginnings is easy and possible. Important names like Janus, Copper Bottom, Steel Dust, Billy and Peter McCue, just to name a few of these early legends.

Horse breeding in those days were just as important then as a new car design release is today. When this country was young we took our horses very seriously and even today we can still own, ride and love the descents of those begging horses.

Our western heritage and the growth of the quarter horse in the west went hand in hand for many years. Many of our ancestors hopes and dreams at the start of this country were born on the backs of these tough beginning horse and their descents. Tough men and tougher horses were born with this country every step of the way.

Even when we moved past the horse as our main form of transportation the Quarter Horse was not finished in our lives or our hearts. Now today the quarter horse is so highly prized and loved that membership has been growing steady every year. Today the quarter horse is king of the horse world and after 200 years of breeding and development it is easy to see and ride the value. Your great grand father rode a quarter horse and his dad rode a quarter horse, need I say more.

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